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Dental Implant Patient Guide

A Dental implant is a small but strong device that is inserted into the jaw bone and act as support for an artificial tooth, bridge, or a denture.  Dental implants are fixtures designed to replace a root of a tooth.  They are fabricated out of either titanium or zirconium.  Titanium ones are made out of an alloy that is surface coated with hydroxyapetite or bone like material.  Zirconium on the other hand are made out of a very strong ceramic material that is compatible with living tissue. Sizes and lengths of implants vary upon the amount of bone that is present. They are placed within the jawbone with great precision to allow for ideal restoration. A highly biocompatible surface enables bone to completely fill in around the implant and provide long-term stability.  When fully integrated with surrounding bone, they are designed to withstand standard biting forces. The titanium or ceramic fixture provides support for the final restoration, which can be a dental crown, bridge or denture.  After the implant is restored it is not possible to distinguish between an implant supported and tooth supported restoration. Even though both systems are popular, dentists are slowly making a transition to zirconia implants because there is less chance for post-operative complications.  One of the complications observed with titanium alloy is a hypersensitivity or allergic reaction.  At this point there are no known allergies to zirconia.

Dental implant picture in bone
  • Procedure: From Start to Finish- learn about the course of treatment.  From tooth extraction to placement surgery and crown, bridge or implant supported denture.
  • Find a Dentist - Search our dentist database to find a local practitioner. If you would like to recommend your dentist please visit our forum.
  • FAQ About Implants- most frequently asked questions.  If you have more specific questions please visit our forum.


Learn More About Dental Fixtures:

Learn about dental implant cost, how to care for implants and bone grafting procedure that may be associated with placement of implants. Learn about common problems associated with dental implants. What are the advantages and disadvantages of dental implants over other restorative techniques.

  • Cost of Surgery and Restoration- how much does a dental implant cost?  What is included in the price?  Learn about possible financing options for dental implants.
  • Bone Grafting- learn about different types of bone grafts that could accompany placement surgery.  Possible cost of a bone grafting procedure.
  • Sinus Lift & Sinus Augmentation-learn about differences and indications of a sinus lift and a sinus tap procedure. When do you need a sinus lift. What is the approximate cost of the procedure.
  • Dental Blog- Browse through articles related to dentistry.  If you have an article that you would like to submit please contact the administrator.
  • Dentistry Chat Room- check out our dental chat room.  Discussions about dental related topics.  From root canals to teeth whitening.
  • Dentistry Guide- Learn about various dental conditions and procedures. Educate yourself on dental related topics.
  • Dental Store- Purchase all your dental items here.  From toothbrushes and toothpaste to whitening gels. 


Coming soon is our new and improved dental implant website.


How to Improve Denture Stability

implant supported dentureMany people struggle with dentures, lower plates in particular. Due to lack of support from the underlying bone the denture moves around during talking, or chewing.  Many patients have to use denture adhesives to keep the plates in place. There are other options for obtaining stability with a removable prosthesis.  Dental implants, can provide much needed stability for the upper and lower plate.  Usually two regular size or four mini fixtures are ideal for increased retention and stability. Learn More


Whether replacing a single tooth or all teeth you will find information on various relevant topics such as, cost of dental implants, financing options and benefits of a dental implant supported denture.  In the Who Places and Restores Implants section, you will learn about the steps a dentist performs to provide you with a functional implant and an esthetically appealing crown, dental bridge or denture.  Learn how to select the right dentist. Search our dentist database for an implant doctor in your area.  Find answers to common questions related to implants in FAQ section.


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