Eliminating space present between the teeth is usually easier than trying to create space. Gaps between the teeth can occur in a patient with a large jaw and small to normal size teeth, or an average size jaw and small teeth. Usually phase 1 treatment is not necessary because there is enough space to bring all the teeth into proper alignment. After phase 2 treatment is started the treatment time averages around 24 months. Phase 2 treatment consists of placing orthodontic brackets and bands and moving the teeth with different size wires. Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that specializes in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental and facial irregularities. One of the most common reasons for seeking orthodontic treatment is malocclusion or irregular bite due to teeth that are not positioned correctly. The most common form of treatment used to correct the position of teeth is through the use of orthodontic braces, although there are various other appliances commonly used. With the help of braces a dentist is able to move the teeth into their ideal position to optimize function and esthetic appearance.