Traumatic Tooth Guide

Your dog accidentally hits you in the face and causes one of your teeth to become loose. Take proper steps to make sure the tooth has the best prognosis.

What to do if the tooth is forcefully pushed out of position and becomes loose

  • See a dentist in the same day if possible to have the tooth and surrounding hard and soft tissues evaluated. Your dentist will check and make sure that the tooth is in one piece and not broken.
  • Depending upon the severity of injury the tooth might need to be splinted (immobilized) to allow the surrounding tissues to heal.
  • If there is a cosmetic defect like a chip that occurred during the trauma, bonding resin composite (white filling) can bring the tooth back to its original appearance.

After the tooth stabilizes it should be re-evaluated for the need of root canal treatment. The tooth might change color, which doesn’t necessarily indicate the need for root canal therapy. The need for therapy is more likely in teeth with fully formed roots.


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