Malposition of Teeth

Orthodontics is a dental specialty that deals with irregularities in teeth, treatment of malocclusion,  and correction of jaw discrepancies.

Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment
Conventional braces used for straightening misaligned teeth

Malposition of teeth is a condition where teeth have erupted or shifted into a position that is not their ideal position in the dental arch with respect to other teeth and the jaws. Usually patients refer to this condition as crooked teeth. The condition can be caused by early or delayed eruption of teeth, early or delayed growth of jaws, and early loss of a tooth without placement of a space maintainer. It can also be the result of natural eruption. Treatment consists of straightening out the teeth and bringing them into proper occlusion with the opposing arch through  comprehensive orthodontic treatment.

It is important to mention that there are other more complex variations of orthodontic treatment. As an example, a normal sized upper jaw and a smaller than normal, or deficient lower jaw. The opposite can also occur. This type of cases, if dealt with early, can potentially be corrected with the use of other intraoral or extraoral appliances. If the condition persists after growth of bones has completed, surgical intervention might me necessary. Discussion about surgical treatment should be reserved for your orthodontist after a complete comprehensive examination has been completed. Your orthodontist will present you with your options and recommendations.