An anterior open bite occurs in humans when the front teeth fail to touch and there is no overlap between upper incisors and lower incisors while the back teeth are in full contact.

Open Bite Treatment
Open bite can create problems with speech, chewing and esthetics

An anterior open bite is a condition presenting as a gap between the upper and lower anterior teeth while the back teeth are in contact. In a normal bite the lower anterior teeth should be tucked slightly underneath the upper anterior teeth and be in full contact. Open bite can occur naturally however, is usually caused by functional habits such as digit sucking, tongue thrust or long-term pacifier use. Anatomically, open bite can present itself as by flaring of the anterior teeth although, usually a skeletal discrepancy is observed.  This condition can interfere with speech, specifically production of certain sounds. It can also make it difficult to bite certain foods since the upper and lower incisors are not in contact.  Anterior open bite can also create an appearance of an elongated face. The condition is treated with comprehensive orthodontic treatment and the problem should be addressed as soon as it is identified. In extreme cases, jaw surgery might be recommended.