Immediate Dental Implants

Immediate dental implants are conventional implants that are placed during the same visit as the extraction of tooth.  After a tooth is extracted and the site is prepared, an implant slightly larger then the size of the extracted tooth root is placed in the bone.  Bone graft is usually used to eliminate any voids in the bone that may be present.

Are Immediate Implants Right for You?

The term immediate dental implant refers to a technique where the extraction of a tooth and placement of the dental implant within the bone is done in the same visit. There are indications to this procedure however, this method can be utilized only after a careful evaluation and treatment planning by the dentist. Below is a list of some of the most important factors, which will determine if immediate dental implant placement can be completed:

  • Overall health of the patient. a healthy individual will recover sooner then someone with health complications.
  • The amount and quality of bone that is present for dental implant placement. Good bone support means a more stable implant and better integration.
  • Which part of the jaw the dental implant is placed in.  If the sinus cavity is close, you may need a sinus lift before the implant is placed.
  • No infection in and around the extraction site.  The implant needs to be placed in healthy bone for long-term success.

Some advantages to placing an implant on the day of tooth extraction include:

  • Second surgery is unnecessary since both procedures are completed in one visit.
  • Faster course of treatment. No need to wait for the extraction site to heal before dental implant placement. Final crown or bridge will be permanently placed sooner.
  • Less overall discomfort since only one surgery is performed.

Discuss this option with your dentist to see if you are a good candidate for immediate dental implant placement.


Immediate dental implant
After the tooth is extracted  there is a waiting period before the implant is placed



Same day implant
Implant placed in the same day as the tooth extraction