Mini Dental Implants

Dental implants are a great solution for replacing missing teeth.  However, the cost of the procedure can be a big burden for many patients.  The procedure can set you back thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars.  Mini-implants are a great alternative that can make all the difference for people with dentures.

These fixtures are smaller in diameter than conventional ones, which means that they can be placed in situations when regular size implants will not work.  Mini implants are easier to place and do not require extensive training, substantial investment in special equipment,  and education for the practicioner, as is the case with conventional implants.  The cost of mini-implants is less than conventional implants which translates into lower cost of placement surgery and restoration. If your dentures are in good shape there is a possibility that the same set can be modified to fit over the implants.

Since these fixtures are smaller in diameter they can be used in situations where regular size implants would not be an option. However, because they are smaller, more implants are usually required to support a prosthesis. A minimum of four  implants need to be placed to get good long-term stability but usually more are used.  Every case is different and your dentist will decide if mini-implants will work for you and taylor the fixtures to your specific situation.

The mini-implants can be used to provide denture patients with more support and stability for a poorly fitting  prosthesis.  They offer a good alternative for patients that do not have a lot of supporting bone or patients that have a difficult time wearing dentures. Most patient are happy with the result because the stability of their dentures improves greatly.  If you have a difficult time with your dentures and would like to improve the fit, talk to your dentist about this option.