Periodontal Surgery

Gum or periodontal surgery refers to procedures that may be required to stop the progression of  periodontal disease or to correct a defects found in the periodontium (bone and gums surrounding the teeth).  Periodontal surgery is usually performed by a periodontist, a specialist that deals with the health of the supporting structures of teeth.  There are several reasons why periodontal surgery may be necessary, some of which include deep periodontal pockets, defects in the bone supporting the teeth, bone loss in the furcation of a tooth (area between the roots of multi-rooted teeth), defects in the gum tissue, and pre-prosthetic reduction of bone for successful restoration of teeth.

  • Pocket reduction (also known as gingival flap surgery or apically repositioned flap)
  • Tissue Regeneration
  • Crown lengthening
  • Soft tissue graft